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  • Alyse

    If you use cloudflare, turn off the proxy before you add 

  • Gozycode Academy

    What's up Nftify team. I love your dapps and the builder is awesome. I'm having an issue with my custom domain SSL certificate transferring over when I point the A Record to NFTify store
    I called bluehost and they said it doesn't transfer with the domain when it's point away. Any suggestions? I'm trying to install an SSL certificate in the WP backend so it might migrate over better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Steve @ Gozycode Academy 

  • sega gumelar

    Hi team, thanks for the great web NFT website builder, yes just like Steve i got same problem about turn the SSL on, coud you give me data on how to point th SSL to, thanks 

  • Gozycode Academy

    Hey Sega, 

    I figured out a work around for using DNS and NFTify. I transferred my domains to IONOS DNS servers and had no problem with the SSL cert. 
    From now on I will purchase my domains with IONOS and point to NFTify's web3 store. 

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

    Steve @ Gozycode Academy

  • Sabreflurry

    I followed these instructions, using domain from Godaddy but the website will not display when https not techy , so i need help on this.


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